It's time to rise above the online noise and become the influencer you're meant to be.

Get 30 Brands-on-Tap, fully customizable in Canva.

You started a business for a reason. You’re amazing at what you do and are on a mission to fulfill a vision.

But every time you post on Instagram or Facebook you cringe a little inside… Sure, you’re “showing up” online, but you’re not quite showing up as YOU. No matter how awesome you are “IRL,” your brand isn’t quite selling that message. You know this is non-negotiable to move the needle in your business.

Maybe you tried to DIY your branding with a few random images on Canva, but your logo and colors look a little too “homemade” (and if you’re honest, you’re a bit embarrassed to share them…)

BUT, you want THAT instantly recognizable style. THE brand that shows the world who you are, you are proud to share and rises above the online chaos. You want THE brand recognition that represents YOU to the world. The kind that speaks magic to your audience.

Now, let’s get real…

Are you a bit intimidated by the long process and
cost involved in getting a brand designed from scratch?

More than anything you’d love to have a beautiful brand, one that’s aligned with the vision you have inside and that looks amazing on the outside too; with colours that compliment each other, gorgeous fonts and a logo that fit you and your business personality.

You want a brand that stands out, rising above the clutter online to be instantly recognizable, a brand that connects instantly with the people you’re here to serve. A brand that feels authentic and expresses all the goodness you have to share.

You know that to be an empowered change-maker, to be seen online, to show up as a visionary leader, you need a great brand. In order to make the changes in the world that you’re here to make, you need to be seen. But you’re not in a place in your business right now to spend multiple thousands working one to one with a Designer to create a brand from scratch.

Although you’re not one for comparing, you can’t help but feel a pang of envy when you see other people with beautiful brands. They look so ‘together’ with all their marketing materials instantly recognizable.

The truth is you want that too.

You’re in the right place. We have the perfect solution for you!
Brands-on-Tap are unique, one off brands, made with love, care and a touch or two of magic!

brands for you

What is a Brand-on-Tap?

Brand-On-Tap is a collection of 30 original, pre-designed brands, and they’re waiting “on tap” to work for you!

They’re ready-to-go and they’re all made with love, care, and a touch of alchemy!

Every brand is totally and completely editable in Canva. That means that once you choose a brand design, get creative in Canva, change the colors, put your business name in the spotlight… and your DIY designer brand is all done and ready to take flight!

Have a look at the pre-designed brands. You may just find the soul-aligned brand that you’ve been seeking.

Do you want a beautiful brand to magnify your online influence?
We got you, Boo! We created Brand-on-Tap just for you!

We took out the time and pressure of creating a brand from scratch. With Brand-on-tap the process is smooth and fast. We need the kind of magic only YOU can give, now more than ever!

how it works


Get Brands-on-Tap

Once you buy, you’ll have access to the collection of pre-made brands. Each brand comes with a primary logo, secondary logo, submark, suggested color palette, icons and patterns.


Find your match

Browse through our collection of brands-on-tap. Look for that gut-level ‘yes’ that tells you’ve found the brand that matches your vision.


Design your brand

In the brand tou picked, change the colors and add your business name. And, just like that, you’re brand is ready.


Start the party

Launch your brand online. Spread the love in your website, social media and beyond. Put your feet up and have some fun! We added our unique Instagram templates that you can edit to match your new brand

What’s included:

• 30 pre-made designer brands that are editable in Canva. Each brand includes suggested color palette, primary logo, secondary logo, sub-mark, brand icon, and brand pattern.

• E-book with brand font combinations to use in your website and social media.

• E-book with 26 additional color palettes for inspiration.

• 44 Instagram posts Canva templates and 7 stickers.

• E-book with a collection of Canva tutorials.

Investment: $99

“It is the ultimate art to take the song from one’s soul and turn it into a visual brand. Working with Olga was a spiritual experience. Together we co-created a beautiful brand and website, crafting the lens through which the world would see the mission that lives deep in my heart.”
–Rhonda Smith-The Expanded Hueman.

more brands for you

“Olga’s talent and generosity is beyond. Working with her was easy because she tunes into your vision and really gets not only what you want but what you need. She made the entire process smooth and delightful. She created and transformed my branding, website, and printable materials into a beautiful, thoughtful, and inspired design. She definitely over delivers and pours all of her creativity into the work she does for her clients. I can’t express my gratitude enough!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!”
–Beca Sanderson, Certified Holistic Health Coach

Hi, I’m Olga Maria, the human behind Brand-on-Tap! Lovely to virtually meet you here.

I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business in the field of health & wellness with brand storyteller and designer for many years, I know a thing or two about creating stunning, impactful brands.

I created Brand-on-Tap because I believe you can have the business and life you most wish quickly and without spending a small fortune when you’re starting out. Well, but this is not Fiverr, neither. Brand-on-Tap are unique, the concepts were not used before.

We carefully designed each brand, inspired and guided by nature, science, and intuition, infusing each with love, care, and a touch of alchemy! I trust that each brand will find its way to the right person. Is it yours here, the one that feels like you, an extension of your soul, just waiting for you? If so, let’s make it happen.

Building a business is stressful enough, the intention here is that you don’t need to spend time and exhaust yourself in creating a brand to go along. So, stop the DIY, the brand discomfort, overthinking, second-guessing everything you put out in the world. Your dream brand can be yours.

You don’t have to admire other brands from a distance anymore. Start sharing your business with pride and passion. You can bask in love for your magnetic, soul-aligned brand.

Bring your magic into the world.

Ready to discover how a Brand-on-Tap will change your business?

“Working with Olga was so much fun! The entire process was enjoyable and the finished product, a 56-page e-book, completely exceeded my expectations. It looks absolutely incredible and I now feel so confident in sharing the e-book with my audience!”
–Kelly Scott-Content & Transformational Coach