Where brands are soulfully crafted in a week
to uplevel your influence online

Dreaming of a beautiful, instantly recognizable
brand identity for the business you love?

You started your business for a reason.

You’re an empowered change-maker and a visionary leader.

You’ve got a mission to fulfill, and people who need
the kind of magic only YOU can provide.

You want to shift the world, and you know you can do it.

But let’s be real…

To do what you want to do in this world, you need to be seen.

People need to know who you are, what you do, and feel an instant connection to you and your business.

You need to be instantly recognizable to the people you were meant to serve.

That means that you need a great brand!

But what happens when you’re not ready to spend multiple thousands on a designer?

What about the time, cost, and the pressure of creating THE brand identity that shows the world who you are?

Don’t let branding intimidate you anymore! Reimagine your image and reinvent your branding with the simple yet powerful magic of Brands-on-Tap!

Now, here’s the thing with branding…

You’re amazing at what you do. You know that your products and services can change lives.

But every time you post on Facebook and Instagram to share your passion, you cringe a little inside…

No matter how awesome you are “IRL,” your branding isn’t quite selling that message.

Maybe you tried to DIY your branding with a few random images on Canva but your logo and colors look a little too “homemade” (and if you’re honest, you’re a little embarrassed to share them…)

Sure, you’re “showing up” online, but you’re not quite showing up as YOU.

Then you see another coach, mentor, or healer’s latest Insta post, and you can’t help but get that pang of envy…

Their brands speak clearly. Their logo is on point. They look so “together…”

You’re not usually one to compare yourself to others. But the truth is that you want what they have.

You want the same kind of powerful, memorable brand recognition that represents YOU to the world. The kind that speaks magic to your idea clients…

Believe it or not, this can ALL be yours… and without spending a small fortune!

You don’t have to admire other brands from a distance anymore.

You can share your business with pride and passion.

You can have a beautifully designed, authentically YOU brand identity that calls to your Soul clients.

Best of all, you can do it without breaking the bank!

What Is Brands-on-Tap?

Brands-On-Tap is a collection of unique, original, pre-designed brands, and they’re waiting “on tap” to go to work for you!

They’re ready-to-go–and they’re all made with love, care, and a touch of alchemy!

Every brand is entirely original. We never sell the same brand twice. That means that once you choose a brand design, it’s 100% yours!

Let me take you from unseen visionary to empowered game-changer
with the most impactful brand for YOU!


Ready to discover how the Brands-on-Tap Experience
will change your business?


Let’s DO This! Pick your Brand-on-Tap

Here’s How We Create Magic


Browse through our collection of brands on tap

Step 2: Find The Brand Match That Calls To Your Soul

Look for that gut-level ‘yes’ that tells you you’ve found the brand that matches your voice, vision, and presence.

Step 3: Contact us to get your brand party started!

Fill out the enquiry form below, and tell us about you!

Step 4: Make your payment.

Once your enquiry is approved, you’ll receive a special link to make your payment.

(Your approved brand will be available to you for 48 hours before it goes back into the collection! So be sure to give your new brand a forever home and make your payment within 48 hours! )

Step 5: Choose your fonts and color palette.

We have an extensive selection of both colors and fonts that will add the magic touch to your brand kit. It’s a huge step to creating a brand you will adore!

Step 6: Customize your brand.

Then I’ll use my gifts, expertise, and intuition to ensure that your chosen brand matches your business goals and vision!

Step 7: Receive your Ready-To-Use Soul Brand!

The entire process will be completed within 10 business days, and your Soul brand will be ready to use!

You’ll also receive your very own brand user guide, with tips and tricks to get the most out of your branding kit.

Once you receive your brand, it’s yours! Use it on your website, social media templates, business cards–wherever your brand signature is needed!

It’s the end of brand shame.
From now on, you can bask in the love for your beautiful, authentic, soul-aligned brand!


Ready to get started and finally OWN your empowered brand identity?

Let’s get you out into the world in your own unique way so that you can start making YOUR magic in the world!

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